FPS Coxsackie Overview


  1. Closing Memorandum
  2. Underlying Lease Agreement
  3. Memorandum of Underlying Lease
  4. Bill of Sale to Company
  5. Lease Agreement
  6. Memorandum of Lease Agreement
  7. Bill of Sale to Agency
  8. Non-Foreign Entity Affidavit
  9. Environmental Compliance and Indemnification Agreement
  10. Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement
  11. Application for Real Property Exemption (form 412-a)
  12. Agreement on Recapture of Financial Assistance
  13. Blank
  14. General Certificate of the Agency
  15. Certificate Regarding No Conflicts of Interest
  16. Disclosure Statement of Counsel
  17. General Certificate of the Company
  18. Affidavit of Company Regarding Project Costs
  19. Opinion of Goldman Attorneys, PLLC, Counsel to the Agency


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