Mission Statement

Greene County IDA focuses on developing "shovel ready" sites and existing historic locations with the goal of marketing to and attracting a diverse mix of business types and employment opportunities for local residents, as well as needed new local property tax revenue. Targeted businesses are anticipated to be good corporate citizens, involved in the community and excellent employers offering outstanding benefit packages including health insurance. Working in partnership with the Greene County Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Planning and Great Northern Catskills Chamber of Commerce, we offer a variety of financial and incentive-based tools and management flexibility to help foster success. The IDA works towards our goals in conjunction with local communities, state and local governments, the business community and numerous regional partners with sound planning, sensitivity to the environment and the preservation of our quality of life. The Greene County IDA strives for success utilizing a positive economic development image and track record while setting the standard of Visionary Growth!

Regular Board Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 8 am.  Please call the office to confirm.


  • 2019 Annual Report (ABO)
  • 2019 Certified Financial Audit (ABO)
  • 2019 Investment Report (ABO)
  • 2019 Procurement Report (ABO)
  • 2019 Independent Audit Report
  • 2019 Independent Auditor Management Letter
  • 2019 Operations and Accomplishments
  • 2019 Mission Statement Review and Performance Measures Report
  • 2019 Management's Assessment of Internal Controls
  • 2019 Investment Report
  • 2019 IDA Property/Parcel Listing